Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best wishes to Wife of a Diabetic and her husband

Wife of a diabetic has been much in my thoughts and prayers the past several days.  So worried about things turning out right with her husband's back surgery.

One hugely upsetting aspect of all this is trying to make sure that her husband gets the insulin dosages he needs to have while hospitalized.  Being over 300 all the time is not acceptable!  What is bad is that often nurses know it needs to be different, but they are at the mercy of the doctors, who dictate dosage amounts.  And if the doctors don't understand how it all works . . . well, that's where the trouble starts!  Really hope that Diabetes Wife was able to snag hubby's doctor and actually get him to listen to her regarding his insulin requirements. 

Making this happen is no small task, and I am sending all the well wishes and strength I can possibly send her way, as I have been there/done that many many times.  NO ONE should have to go through this, on top of whatever other health issue a diabetic spouse is dealing with at the time . . . but apparently, it happens all the time.  WHY?!

Hang in there, Diabetes Wife.  We are all rooting for you! 

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