Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a wasted day!

This is literally one of those days I just want to throw in the towel, give up and run away!  Took the day off to take hubby to his endocrinologist, because he can't drive that far anymore.  Started out late, because he couldn't manage to get ready in time.  This has been an ongoing issue, as he seems to have no concern about getting anywhere on time anymore.  When I said something about needing to leave, I got screamed at because "I always make him forget things" when I make him hurry.  5 minutes later, he decides he has everything he needs anyway, but then decides he needs the GPS to get there.  Mind you, we have been to this doctor plenty of times, and have never used the GPS.  However, we do usually use written directions, as it is in the middle of a fairly large city.  Neither of us can find the cord that plugs into the car, and I ask him: "Don't you know how to get there?"  He finds the directions that he always uses, and we finally leave.  Shortly after we leave, I am told I am not taking good care of his truck.  Apparently he doesn't like the way I'm driving it . . . don't ask me, I don't know what the problem is either, but he always has to say something derogatory about my driving.  In the meantime, he is squirming all over the seat, pulling on his clothes, complaining about everything and swearing.  His sugar is around 150, so that isn't really the problem.  WHAT IS???  Anyway, to make a long story short, I have not been able to do anything "right" all day long!

When we finally get to the endocrinologist (quite late for the appointment of course!), his A1C is 8.9, down from 9.1 a few months ago.  There is concern expressed that it is still so high, and all he can say is, "But it's better!"  When the doctor leaves the room, I tell him it is still awfully high, and he responds with, "But it's down to 8!"  When I remind him about the .9 that he has conveniently left off, he gets angry all over again.  The doctor ends up bringing in 3 "doctors in training" to show them that his blood sugars have no rhyme or reason, and stresses that this is what happens when someone chooses to do their own thing.  Yup, that pisses him off too, and of course it's not his fault.  It's obvious his doctor is not going to even attempt to talk to him about getting better control, as she has gone down that path so many times before, and has gotten nowhere because he always has an excuse for everything.  Yup, I know how she feels on that score.  Wonderful.

Oh and by the way: while we were waiting in the room for the doctor to come back, he finally makes mention that he has run out of his anti-anxiety medication "2 or 3 days" ago.  And he didn't tell me until now?  Aha, maybe that's why he's so agitated and fun to be with today???  When I question him further, it's obvious it's probably been more days than he is letting on, as this is a man who always tells me something happened "yesterday" when it was 2 or 3 days ago.  And then he says: "Well, the prescription bottle said I can take it as needed!"  I told him he definitely needed it.   Can you hear me silently screaming and banging my head against the wall?  The plan is for him to go see about getting it refilled tomorrow.  Gee, maybe if he doesn't, I can go get some "happy pills" for myself, and then I won't care if he's agitated, mean and impossible to live with.  What a wasted day!

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