Saturday, September 17, 2011

(UN) stimulating conversation

Maybe I'm mean for even feeling this way, but:

I would so love it if my husband could greet me when I walk in the door with something (anything!) other than telling me how bad he has felt all day, and how he couldn't get anything done.  Does he think that lets him off the hook for not getting out of bed all day, or doing anything besides watching television?   I find myself slipping into monosyllabic answers almost immediately, as I don't want to talk about his illness non-stop anymore.  And if he's not talking about how lousy he feels, he is talking about something else he wants to buy that we don't need.  Both topics of conversation upset and exhaust me . . . and if I try to actually discuss anything else with him, he will immediately disagree with what I am trying to tell him and I have to justify myself in some way.  Also exhausting, and makes me angry!  Oh, and most of his talking is still way too loud and non-stop.  He blames it on his hearing aids not working, but he just got 2 brand new ones.  What the heck?  Have been spending more and more time away and in the basement after work, as he doesn't come down there very much.  Does this make me a b***h?  Sometimes I wonder . . .  

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back home again

My trip was amazing.  So wonderful to reconnect with family, and I even went hiking in the Rockies!  Wonderful.  It is now time to return to the "real" world, which is not so easy.  Surprisingly, hubby did manage to have the house somewhat together when I got home.  Didn't know whether to be happy about it (of course I was), or a little angry that he doesn't make more of an effort when I am here.  Oh well . . .

Here is (sort of) a picture of me in the mountains.  Thank God for moments like this: