Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saving (and remembering) my experiences

I have decided to save, print, and re-read my blog entries.  Of the few I have read in the act of copying/pasting, I am often horrified that I continued to stay for as long as I did.  I think having a concrete record of this is important for me, as sometimes I feel so guilty for leaving . . . until I read some of the crazy things that I have survived! 

I have also been reminded of all those I have come in contact with throughout this crazy journey.  Many of you have gone through some major changes and trials.  I will be "catching up" on your blogs as time permits and commenting, as none of you have been forgotten.  Some of you are still hanging in there.  I understand both sides of the coin, and admire you all for your strength, whether that means staying or leaving.  Either way, it is not easy.

I am now living in my upstairs apartment, with 2 cats and a dog.  It is not the grandeur of my former home, but I have my own space and peace, which is more priceless than anything else I can imagine.  I also have friends around me who have been very supportive, and my own son told me this summer (when I was still living in the camper), that I would still be better off even if I were "living in a tent!"  I thanked him for his observation, and also told him I agreed with him.  

Do I still worry about hubby?  Absolutely, but I have also recently started divorce proceedings, as I need closure.

I will continue to "visit" from time to time, and I wish all of you well . . .

Take care,