Sunday, January 30, 2011

Extremely high sugars

Got together with friends yesterday, where there were all kinds of goodies to eat.  Wasn't really paying attention to what my husband was eating, as I've decided it really is HIS responsibility to monitor this.  At some point, he started loudly talking nonsense, and everybody is looking at him like: what the heck?  A little later I quietly asked him if he had checked his blood sugar recently.  He did (wow, without an argument this time), and then announced to me that it was 585!  He didn't seem all that concerned about it, and he said his insulin pump was indicating not to take any more insulin, as he still had enough to "cover" what he had just eaten.  How can this be?  I honestly can't understand how or why he would let it get this out of control.

What really makes me crazy is that this is not an isolated occurrence.  Almost every holiday and every get-together, this happens.  If I say anything to him about it, it always backfires in anger towards me, so I choose not to most of the time.  Yesterday, I felt lucky that the temper didn't escalate, as it so often does when his sugar is so high.  I hate to think of all the damage he is doing to his organs every time his sugar skyrockets like this.

So far, today has been an all-day "sleep-a-thon" for him, as really high blood sugars always knock him out the next day.  Oh well, at least it's quiet!

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