Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living donors really ARE people too!

This is an interesting post at "Living Donors are People Too" (you may want to overlook the language used if it offends you . . . I totally get that Cristy was more than a little upset!):

I seriously doubt that this person would have been okayed for a kidney transplant when they didn't even know what was wrong, but this kind of portrayal does upset those of us who have sacrificed a kidney for someone else.  I don't know if I totally agree with her perception of being "maimed," but I do agree that living donors do not always get a lot of consideration, and I did have a serious brachial plexus injury from the way I was positioned when they removed my kidney.  I still believe that should never have happened.   I also believe that as a diabetic with many health issues, my husband had a slim to no chance of getting a cadaver kidney anytime soon.

My hubby finally got ahold of the doctor who dispenses the anti-anxiety meds he so obviously needs . . . hoping they will arrive in the mail, like . . .  tomorrow!  Have not attempted to sit him down and talk about the necessity of staying on this med, as I am still too angry.  However, we WILL have a talk this weekend.  Oh, and the "cracked rib" doesn't seem to be bothering him today! 

On the plus side, the weather is getting better, and I was able to take our very appreciative dog for a nice long walk the last 2 days.  GREAT therapy for both of us!  And tomorrow is another day . . .

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