Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why does he always have to be "sicker" than me?

I am feeling so pissed off!  Our kitties were due to get their shots today, and the original plan was for me to take them to the vet.  However, I have been VERY SICK with allergies.  Can't breathe through my nose at all, can't stop coughing/gagging  because of the post nasal drip, and have also gotten very little sleep the past several nights.  Since I am being skin-tested (again!) for allergies tomorrow, I haven't been able to take anything to feel better for the last few days.  As I have gotten worse and worse all day instead of better, I finally knock on his bedroom door (around 1:00 in the afternoon, mind you . . . I think he planned on sleeping all day again!), and ask him if he can possibly take the cats.  Oh, and I do offer to reschedule the vet appointment so I can take them at a later time, but he says "no."  Okay, no problem . . . until he finally gets up.  His sugar checks out at 189, and he announces, "I'm as sick as you are!"  I don't make a lot of comment, as I really don't have the energy for this BS today, and he continues to bang around, complain and swear until he FINALLY leaves.  Gee, I'm so glad I bothered to ask him for his help, and why the HELL does he always have to claim he is feeling at least as bad or worse than me?  In other words, when I feel bad, apparently it doesn't matter to him!  Makes me feel so special.  I also told him I would have to sleep on the recliner in the living room tonight, and his answer to this is: "Okay, I'll turn the TV down."  Since the TV is about 10 feet from the recliner, I'm thinking that's really big of him!  Wondering if I can rig up something in my "woman cave" in the basement.  I am so tired of never  coming first in his life.  How does anyone get so self-centered?

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