Sunday, March 25, 2012

Common sense?

Jonah commented on my last post.  He has a brother with brain damage/manic depression (bipolar disorder), and made this observation about his brother:

"If he has a ridiculous idea (for example, if he tells me that I used to be purple or that he has heard dogs speaking to him) it's best to just say "wow, I had no idea" and leave it at that."

Thank you Jonah, if it is only for reminding me that I just may not be able to reason with my hubby, period.  I have wondered more than once if my husband might be bipolar, as there is some history of it in the family.  I am always one who wants things to make sense, and they so often don't with my husband.  So, if he won't/can't change (except for the worse), I guess that means I will have to?  Sometimes, it really is better to just let it go.  I try hard to remember that . . . thank God for friends who are sane!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brain Atrophy and Type II Diabetes

Just found another study, done in Pakistan and published in 2010, that links brain atrophy and Type II Diabetes.  Here is the link:

Well worth the read.  I cannot copy/paste the text here, as it is in PDF file.

Farther down in the article, it also mentions Type 1s and similar findings, and references the article I posted about a year ago.  Here is the link for that one:

Brain Atrophy, Lesions Found in Type 1 Diabetics; May Indicate Cognitive Impairment in Diabetics Begins Early

This is scary stuff.  It seems that if you have diabetes, chances are "good" that you will also be "blessed" with brain atrophy.  It is still not totally understood why, although there are some hypotheses out there.  Given my crazy evening with hubby last night, I'm pretty sure that is what is happening to him, and also pretty sure that I have witnessed at least one "mini-stroke" or TIA, that he would NOT acknowledge or tell his doctor about.

Last night, he was just mean, nasty, yelling about some things that didn't make sense, and even threatening divorce.  I had to leave.  Spent the night at my brother's house for some much needed nurturance and peace.  Planning on returning home later today, but it is so hard . . . how do you reason with (or leave, or even stay with) someone who probably has brain damage?