Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks and Welcome to some "new" bloggers!

We have been hearing from some other bloggers recently, at least one (S/newtothis) who just began her own blog.  I have added them all to the list of blogs I follow:

S/newtothis: Day to Day with a Diabetic

Michael Hoskins: The Diabetic's Corner Booth

Sandy: A Diabetic Spouse

I have enjoyed your humor, especially when you said maybe I should "slap him upside the head" anyway, as he probably wouldn't remember later, anyway.  Glad to have you join us, and no, we are not polygamous . . . also pretty funny, but understand why that might be misinterpreted at first!

Thank you for having the courage to comment on my site, and I hope you continue to share your insights as a Type 1 Diabetic. 

Although frustrated at times, you also manage to still be positive . . . which I probably also need to be whenever possible.

Thank you all,



  1. Thanks Lilly! I like the comment from S about saying something cause he prolly won't remember anyway lol I think about that when the hubby is low and acting silly. Sometimes as I am shoving food and drink into his mouth I joke with him. Try to get humor in a bad situation. It took me a long time to come to it though. I used to (and still on the bad episodes) just stand there and cry.

  2. Thank you Lilly. You often make me laugh as well as pass on insightful information. Then there are times you just scare me. (the information, not you. ;)

    You know, I keep getting grief about that reference to polygamy. ...It appears my humor doesn't travel well. I need to remember to: "use my filter, use my filter."

    Love you, S

  3. S (is this how you want to be addressed?),

    Don't worry about filtering. It gives us something to laugh about, in a good way, and I'm betting we all need that!

  4. Whew!

    My DH doesn't ask me to engage my filter either. The stories are still flying from his Office Christmas Party of '09. I basically called the Big Boss' son-in-law out in front of every body. (whoops)

    From what DH has passed on to me I endeared myself to ALL of his colleagues. Surprisingly DH didn't get fired. Instead he got a raise and was offered a promotion. I also learned son-in-law behaves himself better now and uses his filter!

    Yes Lilly, please call me S.