Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Permission to leave . . . at least for awhile

 Yesterday, Diabetes Wife commented:

"I think it helps if we give ourselves "permission" to leave. I've found that it helps to physically leave when the discussion turns heated....even if he refuses to test and I know he is low. Lots and lots of Walmart visits....I can tell you where everything in the store it! LOL! It takes me 45 minutes to get there, buy toothpaste, come home. And by then, he has calmed down. Have 8 tubes of toothpaste in the bathroom drawer and realized I need to start picking up something else! :o)" 

Thank you so much for reminding me of this.  I haven't done it in awhile, because I am more of an outdoors person, and the weather has not been exactly warm lately.  But because of your comment, I actually started making a list of all the places I could go spend time when hubby gets impossible to be around.  Good therapy for me to actively figure this out! :-)  And the weather is getting warmer lately.  Took a long walk this evening with our dog, who always loves me and never criticizes anything I do.  I feel better already.  We also have more than one park fairly close to us, so I'm planning on getting a park pass.  That way, once the weather is warm, I can go to any one of these parks whenever I want, spend some wonderful, healing time, and get some exercise in the bargain.  Walking, swimming and kayaking . . . I can hardly wait for warmer weather, but I now also have a list of places I can spend time at right now, too!  By the way, funny about the toothpaste.  Guess you'll have to start stocking up on something else for awhile.    


  1. Love em but need to leave em sometimes...to save sanity. LOVE IT!

  2. I too have finally learned to walk away sometimes when the conversation gets bad. but also when he won't take care of himself. I'll put food in front of him and take the dog for a long walk -- for me I need the walk because I'm so nervous that when I get back he'll be dead because he won't have eaten the sugar. (of course that has never happened!) I walk hard to get some of the emotion out -- and my dog loves me too! and she loves the extra exercise. She is deaf so she can't hear a word I say so when I say bad things about Tom she just agrees! :) but it really helps. I'm so glad its almost spring -- much better for the walking.

  3. I used to worry that he would be dead when I got back, but of course this has never happened. Kind of don't go there in my head anymore, which is probably good. Yes, Spring is almost here, and it definitely makes the walking a lot easier. I guess we all need the physical and emotional space, and we need to give ourselves permission to take it when needed. Thank God for the ability to walk away, and also our pets, who always love us.