Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Response to comments on articles

I wanted to respond to some of the comments on the past 2 articles I have posted.  Some of you have been grateful for the information, others have been ambivalent, and (thank God!) at least some of you feel it doesn't really apply to your hubby.  By the way, thank you for all the input. 

To the article on brain lesions, etc.:

Diabeteswife said...
"I have long said that if neuropathy is causing nerves to die off, blood veins to constrict.....why wouldn't it also be causing constriction to nerves/blood vessels in the brain? Only makes sense to me.
If feeling and sensitivity are gone in the feet....why not other areas of the body including the brain? Maybe it starts first in the lower extremities, but I do believe it makes it's way through the entire body.
Sure wish some doctor would agree with me!"
I agree with you: I believe neuropathy eventually involves all areas of the body.  Apparently, some doctors at least suspect what you are saying, according to the article I posted, but it doesn't seem to be something that's talked about.  I do have a friend who lost her husband a couple years ago to Type 2 diabetic complications.  Along with kidney failure, etc., he also had a severe case of vascular dementia, which his doctors felt was diabetes related.  Perhaps not directly related to nerve damage, but when she finally "got" someone to do an MRI of his brain, the vascular damage could actually be seen.  His neurologist ended up apologizing to her, as her hubby kept passing all the tests for memory, yet she KNEW something was wrong.  The MRI finally proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  For her and hubby, although he could not be "cured" of the progressive dementia, it helped them to know what was really happening to him. In response to the article on Type 2 diabetes and disability:
tomswife said...
"OK, honestly, I didn't read the entire article. Its too much for me. my thoughts? our young people are too sedentary and its horrible how many have or are getting diabetes but really, are we supposed to be living longer than 70, 80, 100 years old? I hate this... if someone in their 70s gets sick well, I don't want to lose my family members but do I want to go through that? its so confusing I hate reading stuff like this...."

Toms Wife,
I am also alarmed that so many young people are ending up with this disease.  I know a few of them, and it is heart-breaking to know what may lie ahead for them.  My goal in posting the article was because so much of it sounds like things many of our husbands are going through.  Yes, it is upsetting, but for me (and I hope others) it is helpful to know that some of this is to be suspected.  Still doesn't make it easy by a long shot, but I am one who wants all the information I can get: alarming or not.  Remember, I'm the "crazy woman" who gave her husband a kidney.  By the same token, the last thing I want to do is alienate one of my "sisters" by upsetting her.   Sorry if that is what I did.  Please understand that was not my intention.

Lynn Barry said...
"Excellent hubby is a textbook case it must be according to this article...thanks so much for posting it. he had a mini stroke, it effected his speech, he had a stent put in hi heart, he is on depression meds.. high blood pressure meds., hugh cholesterol meds, and all the diabetes meds, neuropathy meds. insulin, and yesterday he lost his balance and so is all expected it appears in some people and he is one of those textbook cases...he is 100% because hs was exposed to agent orange while serving in Viet Nam...he was a very active kid growing not so much. THANKS, LILLY XOXOXOXOOX"

I am happy you were able to benefit by the article.  I thought it spoke to many of us!

Crazy Wife said...
"WOW! Thanks for posting this. Although I think most of "us" already know what this disease can do. Perhaps we should conduct our own study. Do you think the Doctors even consider the effects on the spouse? I would love to find that article!!"

Crazy Wife,
I am still waiting for that study . . . on the spouses, that is!  The only thing I have seen is the really high divorce rate, which I guess doesn't surprise any of us.  If I find anything, I will be sure to post it.  Or maybe you are right: maybe we really should conduct our own study.

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