Sunday, March 13, 2011

Did NOT mean to scare anyone!

I have gotten a couple responses to my post yesterday about brain lesions, etc.  Toms Wife and Lynn both commented that they are not seeing this in their husbands.  I am very glad to hear that, as so many of us seem to be seeing cognitive changes in our husbands, and it is very upsetting and scary to watch.  Please understand that I in no way wanted to "scare" anybody with this article.  However, I did think several of us would find it more than a little interesting, as we have wondered more than once about changes we have noticed in our hubbies.  If anyone else has more information, I would be very interested.


  1. Don't know about brain damage etc...but mine does have a tumor on his pituitary gland seated below the brain and it is messing with his hormones so he has a patch now that is helping regulate his deficient hormone.
    I can't state enough though on how the pain pills are altering my hubby...geesh...he behaves so differently under the influence...yikes...who is this guy...lovey dovey is nice but it is more like sloppy drunk you love you love you...I love hearing that but hold the phone I know it is the meds talking.

  2. Pain meds can do all kinds of things. One of the reasons my hubby doesn't like to take them . . . but sometimes they are needed!

  3. I have long said that if neuropathy is causing nerves to die off, blood veins to constrict.....why wouldn't it also be causing constriction to nerves/blood vessels in the brain? Only makes sense to me.

    If feeling and sensitivity are gone in the feet....why not other areas of the body including the brain? Maybe it starts first in the lower extremities, but I do believe it makes it's way through the entire body.

    Sure wish some doctor would agree with me!