Sunday, July 31, 2011

Close Call for Both of Us

We are just wrapping up a camping trip with friends in our motor home today.  For the most part, it's been fun, with no out of control episodes with hubby.  Whew!  The last few days have been good time to unwind.

However, getting here was more than we bargained for.  Going almost 70 MPH on a major multi-lane highway,  I had a front tire blow out while I was driving.  Felt and sounded as if a bomb had exploded underneath me, as it was on my side.  Thank God, no other vehicles were in my way . . . maybe the pieces of tire which had peeled off warned them away?  I swerved over into the left lane, and was able to (carefully) hit the brake and ease it back over onto the right shoulder, with cars and tractor trailers whizzing past me soon after.  The tire was totally flat, and there wasn't much left of it. 

Hubby had gotten up to go get something to eat, and thankfully had braced himself when the thing exploded.  So thankfully, no one was hurt.  I was rather grateful he wasn't in the front seat with me when it happened, as he might have freaked out, which would have distracted me from what I needed to do.  So all in all, things worked out, thank God.  Was I shaking when I got out of the camper?  You betcha.  I guess it just isn't our time to go yet . . .  I do think we need to get AAA though.  Would probably be a whole lot cheaper to fix next time!


  1. were lucky....glad you had a good weekend and try and just remember that part...
    keep posting...TX DW

  2. Lilly! I don't know what to say! How fabulous that you were strong enough to not crash! what a shame that it happened at all! Its good that after all that the weekend was good.

    maybe his new routine is working?

    maybe August will be better...