Thursday, July 14, 2011

New CGM and questions

2 days ago, hubby finally got a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for his pump.  I did not go with him to this appointment, as son was still here.  Hubby is now saying he needs to check his blood sugar and calibrate the CGM 4 times a day, every day, for as long as he has it.  And of course, he is holding me responsible to wake him up to do this, as he "can't" get up!  For those of you who have experience with the CGM, is it really true that he needs to do this???  Forever?  So far, it does not seem to be giving him very accurate readings.  Any info from those of you "in the know" would be greatly appreciated right now.

It is now about 2:00 PM, and he is still not out of bed, although I know he has gotten up at least twice to visit the bathroom.  Really hoping he calibrated this morning, and doesn't give me grief later.  After all the agitation of the past week, I am enjoying the peace.

Okay, just opened this post back up to add something.  Hubby got up about 2:30, and his sugar was at 228, because (of course) I "didn't wake him up."  When I told him I had heard him get up at least twice to go to the bathroom and assumed he had taken the opportunity to calibrate the CGM then, he responded with: "But I don't open my eyes when I do that."  What absolute bullshit!  


  1. Oh hubby..... But in the beginning you will need to calibrate as much as possible. That will help to give more accurate readings. As time goes on, you will notice that the readings get better and better and you may not have to calibrate as much. My hubby calibrates 2-4 times a day now.

  2. Sandy,
    Thank you. How long has yours had the CGM?

  3. Hi, there! Depends on the pump...For Medtronic, you should only calibrate when stable. If you are calibrating when there are arrows or when high, it may not be as accurate. I think for the Dexcom, you can calibrate at any time. I know for Medtronic, there are a few alarms within the first 2 days that tell you to calibrate, but I don't think it needs to be 4 times every single day.

  4. this is interesting... Tom doesn't have his anymore because it broke and the ins co won't replace it until the "year" is up -- some stupid insurance control issue

    However, when he did have it -- he would calibrate over a single 24-hour period each time he changed the site where the thing went into his body. (I don't know all the language to use for this because I don't pay that much attention). However, I do know that his glucose was reasonable stable when he did this but that he only did the calibration thing for 24 hours at a time like once a month.

    I guess it all depends on the patient!

  5. Why don't you complaining women of Diabetic husbands just get a divorce? I'm serious? Why are you staying?

  6. Thank you, all. Guess I will have to do some more digging on exactly what to do with the type of CGM he has. Will probably be talking to the diabetes educator that he goes to. It does sound as if the 4 times a day is not the "forever" thing that he seems to think it is. I'm finding that he has been confusing information more and more. I also have NOT been waking him up to do this, as I refuse to assume responsibility for this!

  7. To Anonymous:
    I have had to think about your question for awhile, as I have come very close to leaving the past few months. I have addressed it in another post.