Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Better A1C Already!

Hubby had an appointment with his diabetes educator today regarding the CGM he got 2 weeks ago.  He was told that his A1C  has greatly improved: from over 9 to 7.4.  Absolutely awesome.  He is as excited as I am.  He also said he has been feeling better, with more energy.  Great incentive to keep up with what he has been doing the last 2 weeks!


  1. Awesome on the A1c, congrats! But one question, because I'm a little unclear: you wrote "A1c over just the last 2 wks was looked at" and it changed that much... Not sure if that was a 2 month or not, because really A1c in just two weeks would change that much in any situation - as the test gives a snapshot of the past three months on average and takes. Unless there were some hardcore Lows there that push it lower, which does happen. But regardless, congrats on the progress and road ahead!

  2. Okay, I modified my post a little. I just asked my husband to clarify this. He understood that it was a regular A1c taken over 3 months, so I guess time will tell how much his use of the CGM is actually affecting his numbers.

  3. Outstanding! One thing I've found with the CGM, is that it just keeps me accountable to myself and the constant-watch of where my BGs are at makes me WANT to do better. Good luck to you both in keeping up on all that in the coming months and hopefully getting that great A1c next round at the Endo's office!