Monday, January 3, 2011

Doctors, diabetes, and spinal stenosis

Diabeteswife commented in part:

"Doctors do not understand diabetes at all. I am positive my husbands spinal stenosis is from high blood sugars. They think it's genetic. Give me a break! They said the narrowing of his heart arteries was genetic. I'll bet my own life that it is due to high sugars. I would love to meet just ONE doctor who really understood the entire process of diabetes, age, and neuropathy and how much impact it has on the internal organs as well as the external organs. But in all the multitude of specialists he has been to, I haven't met that person yet!"

You are right: most doctors do not understand!  High blood sugars cause organ damage, so why wouldn't they cause damage throughout the body?  I even had an endocrinologist (who specialized in diabetes) tell me that out of whack sugars have no lasting effect on the brain, which I really can't believe.  As for the spinal stenosis,  I know of several people who have it, and ALL are diabetic!  Can't tell me that's all genetic. 

My big question is this: with all the people/patients who are now diabetic, why is not more taught in medical and nursing school about this disease?  Especially since it is becoming more and more common!  When hubby is hospitalized, it is always a nightmare, as no one seems to know what to do to maintain his blood sugars.  So then we have crazy blood sugars to deal with on top of whatever illness he is in the hospital for to begin with.  This only makes him sicker.  It is my hope that now that he is on a pump, he might be "allowed" to monitor himself with any future hospitalizations, as he does a better job than anyone (doctor or nurse) who is supposed to know what they are doing.  Thanks for your input and support; every little bit helps!

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