Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank you for the encouragement!

It is hard to think rationally when you are dealing with an irrational person...your out of control sugarwise spouse...keep doing the girl outing things and reevaluate what you want from the relationship that is obviously causing you so much confusion. Sounds like a dose of reality but I have been there and until my hubby was put on antidepressants and retired and started working on getting the diabetes and all the other health problems under control I was wondering what the heck just happened all the time too. HUGS and LOVE. You are rational, he is not. It is NOT you! LOVE YA. 

Thank you for the encouragement.  I really wish it was that "simple" sometimes.  As it is, my husband is already on antidepressants.  They seemed to work like a magic bullet for awhile, and then didn't work anymore.  His doctor increased the dosage, and now he seems to be worse!  Will be going to see the person who prescribed these before too long.  Hopefully, she has a better answer.

As for retirement, he has been retired for the past several years because of health complications.  This probably does not help his depression, as he was forced into retirement at a young age, and most of his friends are still working.

What do I want out of this relationship called marriage?  At least some occasional shared joy with the man I married . . . I often wonder where he went.  Never thought that I could be this lonely while married.  I would like him back.  Am I asking for too much?

However, thanks for the "rational" comment!  Sometimes, I really need to hear that! :-)  


  1. OMG does he see a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst? Maybe married couple's counseling? Are you able to talk to him about your desire to have the man you married back and that you want some semblance of happiness with him? My hear goes out to you. He needs more help than he has been getting, it appears. I pray he gets more help before you throw in the towel...but if you did...who could blame you...loneliness is lonely.
    HUGS and LOVE, dear...keep us posted. GOOD LUCK! We are here for you.

  2. The one doctor is a psychiatrist. I am NOT ready to give up yet, as this is not a first marriage for either of us. Still trying to hang in there!