Monday, January 24, 2011

What the . . . ?

Hubby came home from a doctor visit today, and informed me he has been taking twice the amount of antidepressants that he had been prescribed.  He only discovered this when he went to get it refilled, and they told him he should still have a lot left.  His comment to me was: "No wonder I've been so calm."  It seemed like news to him when I told him he had been anything but . . . when he hasn't been sleeping, that is!  He then told me how the psychiatrist had told him to take the pills, which wasn't what he'd been told at all, as I was at that appointment when the meds got increased.  When I told him that, he then countered with: "Well, I didn't read the directions.  It's not my fault."  WHAT?  How is it not his fault, if he didn't bother to read the dosage directions?   Gee, guess I should know better than try to reason with him!  Will be interesting to see what kind of emotional roller coaster he will be on when he suddenly halves the dosage he's been taking . . . I can hardly wait!  God help us both.

This angers and scares me on so many levels.  Makes me wonder if he's messing up his other medications.  Am I now going to have to monitor this?  


  1. Sounds like you could be right about him not monitoring his meds since he already discovered he wasn't taking the antidepressants the way he should and then what about drug interactions. My prayers are with you. This is serious. Mine has done that kind of thing and it was almost like he just didn't care and was lax or overzealous it was always off...lately he has been more responsible, so I hope your hubby will be too. GOOD LUCK, dear Lilly. HUGS and LOVE

  2. My husband is on 26 different meds and there is NO WAY he could or even would manage them. I fill a huge med box every Sunday that has everything divided up into 4 different boxes for each day and he still "forgets" to take them. I often say that I have 3 children--2 little ones and a big one!