Monday, May 9, 2011

So Exhausted

Only Monday, and I am so exhausted.  So upset over some major family issues right now that I haven't been sleeping well since Easter. 

On top of this, hubby continues to want to buy big-ticket items that we don't need, I don't want, and he won't use once he buys them.  Just got into a tangle over a huge big-screen TV that he wanted to put in the basement.   Mind you, he NEVER comes down to the basement, but said he wanted to get it for me!  This after I have told him repeatedly that I am happy with the little one that is down there.  There really isn't even room for it.  He was so determined that he was going to buy it, I had to practically get in his face about NOT doing so, and then of course he got mad at me.  What the HELL?

SLEEP would be really good tonight!  Honestly, that's all I want.  Maybe that, and some chloroform for hubby!


1 comment:

  1. Poor thing
    its so hard
    and its so unfair
    first one and then the other
    I'm sorry
    its crappy
    and yet you are strong
    and you go on
    I wish you a good night's sleep