Sunday, May 1, 2011

Messed up sleeping patterns

Hubby has been awake since (maybe noon?) on Friday.  He says the pain in his back is preventing him from sleeping, but refuses to take any pain pills, or even try to go to bed.  I just told him he needs to, as he can't just stay up forever.  But then I retreated, as I will NOT get into an argument with him over this.

Yesterday, he was parked on the couch in the living room all day watching television, and/or wanting to talk non-stop to me when I was in ear-shot.  Thank God I was able to get outside and do some yard work.  I am so tired of hearing the television (mind you, he also has some hearing loss, so it was loud) that some days I just want to scream.  At least for the moment, he is in his computer room, playing a (quiet!) game.

Just wondering: Sandy, I know your hubby's sleeping patterns are off because of the medication he takes.  Are any of the rest of you who read this dealing with any of these issues?  Makes it very hard to plan much of anything.  This was part of the problem on Easter Sunday, as he couldn't/wouldn't get up and get ready to go with me in time.    


  1. Update: He FINALLY went to bed, with instructions to me to wake him up in 2 hours. Now WHY would I do that???

  2. LOL why did he want you to wake him up. These guys....but yes, Vince's sleep is all messed up. Some days he goes to bed at a normal time and others no matter what he just can't sleep through the night because of the pain. Then when he doesn't sleep well, he is overwhelmed even more by the drowsiness affects of the meds he is on. He used to have a bad habit of going to bed at 3 am every night, and then I would be up half the night looking for him and worrying about him, so I finally got him to stop that. Now he goes to bed at a decent time but doesn't always sleep well....

  3. Yeah well . . . me waking him up is NOT going to happen! Thank you Sandy, that 3 A. M. time you mention is often my husband's "normal" time to go to bed. That is, when he gets there! I gave up on normalizing his bed routine long ago, and moved into the spare bedroom, as I think I literally fell asleep for a split second behind the wheel on the way to work one day. Very scary, and I was very lucky.

    Between him coming to bed and waking me up, getting up multiple times to use the bathroom adjacent to (our) bedroom (and do I need to mention the resultant odor that accompanies this?), all the jerks and kicks I received from neuropathy problems, his insistence that our dog sleep in the same room, and his titanic snores from sleep apnea, I just couldn't do it anymore and stay safe, sane, and functional. Not exactly what either of us wanted, but I do so much better when I get sleep!

  4. Aw yes I hear ya on the kicks, body jerks and snoring. We also have the sensor beeping nights too lol I am to paranoid still to let him sleep alone since he doesn't hear the low alarm when it beeps....

  5. Sandy, how do you EVER get any sleep? I just couldn't do it anymore. Hubby doesn't have a continuous sensor, but he never hears his insulin pump. They need to make these things louder!

  6. I feel for you Sandy. I'm with Lilly. I get my own bedroom and I do not feel bad about it. I have to sleep. I just have to.

    My kids gave me five years straight without a full night's sleep. The sleep deprivation was taking its toll one me. Spending the rest of my life without rested sleep is just not something I'm willing or able to do.

    And Lilly, I wouldn't wake him up either.

    Hopefully you are in your woman's cave with a glass of wine. It's close enough to five where I'm at...I may just get one myself.


  7. S,

    Ya know, that wine is sounding like an awesome idea. Raising a glass to you. Hope you're enjoying yours, too. Actually, I have spent quite a bit of time today in my woman's cave going through and weeding out my library. Time well spent, with no interruptions. Enjoying it while it lasts!

    Cheers to you as well,


  8. I understand all too well about what their sleep does to us. H is terrified of being alone and gets violently sick many nights from his gastric problems. I have no answer just understanding.

  9. Tom is a good sleeper
    So good that he doesn't hear his sensor or his pump
    I hear them and his snores and his leg kicks
    At least on the nights when I don't take a sleeping pill
    Ah, medication, what a wonderful idea!
    still in the same room/bed
    but some day, I know it will be separate
    for now, I'll take the meds.

  10. Yes! Why don't they make the darn sensor and pump louder?!?!?! It's so soft he just tunes it out half the time and he never hears it in his sleep! Half the time, if it beeps long enough, it will start vibrating and that is what I wake up to. I wonder myself how I get sleep. Probably why I am so mentally exhausted....tonight I don't have the energy to take a shower....I guess I am aloud to skip one day huh? Lol it took all I had to write out the bills that HAD to be paid tonight...hubby has been snoring on the couch since dinner

  11. Wow, this lack of sleep thing really hit a nerve! I think we are ALL dealing with this problem on some level. Makes it a lot harder to deal with everything else.