Monday, May 2, 2011

And the fun continues . . .

Hubby finally got up around 8:30 last night, and asked me why I didn't wake him up.  I told him because he needed the sleep!  He then goes on to tell me that he ran out of insulin in his pump while he was sleeping, and now was up to about 300.  Of course that was my fault because I didn't wake him up like he asked.

He then got into this convoluted one-sided discussion about how he "can't" take pain pills when he is that tired, as he is afraid he will never wake up.  I asked him if it had ever been a problem before, and then he got somewhat defensive, telling me I need to wake him up every couple of hours to make sure he is all right.  WHAT???!!!  God help me, I am so tired of these crazy conversations that make no sense. 

Later, he told me he would probably not stay up for very long, as he wanted to go back to bed.  I told him: "Then don't drink a pot of coffee!"  He said he wouldn't.  He actually went back to bed about 4:00 this morning, shortly before I got up for work, and guess what?  There was an "almost gone" pot of coffee in the coffee maker, still warm.  Can I never win?

Help, someone, quick:  Please tell me I'm not crazy! 


  1. Your not crazy lol men.....

  2. This is too funny! There are times I think DHs try to drive us crazy.

    Now this is mean...replace the regular coffee with decaf. Use the same bag, can or whatever you keep it in and switch it out. I wonder if he would notice? If you try it with a newly opened bag or the end of an old one any change in taste could be waved off with - hmmm, that's strange.


  3. Ya know, I have seriously wanted to do that, but am afraid I'll get caught! Maybe I should just go for it . . . :-)

  4. how is it that it seems like they spend so much time figuring out how to mess up our thinking?

    and we spend so much time just figuring out how to survive?

    and, no, you are not crazy!
    he just wants you to think so!

  5. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!!! You are living with an irrational person so slap your face playfully and wake up from the reality of your life...HUGS And LOVE...WE UNDERSTAND! XOXOXO

  6. I would be afraid of getting caught too. You could try slowly doing it. Just start adding in a little decaf at a time. If you do it all at once he may go through withdrawls and start ranting.

  7. Thank you for all the comments. Sometimes, it's nice to be told by someone besides just myself that I really am not nuts! I appreciate the suggestions about switching DH's coffee to decaf, but that has already been tried (by him after his endocrinologist told him he should have no caffeine!), and it didn't last very long. I still think about doing it on occasion, but really have enough things to worry about without the worry of getting "caught" switching out his caffeine supply. All the same, thinking he might be a lot calmer if he would knock it off.