Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Happens When We're Gone?

Sandy commented on my Welcome . . . to the Twilight Zone! post:

"This was starting to sound like my day! My hubby has a hard time with balance and staying awake. Has hit his head, knocked himself out, gone low, and anything else you can imagine, while i am at work. Oh the joys!"

First of all, I just want to tell Sandy I am so sorry she and her hubby have had to go through all this.  There is never a dull moment, is there?  You have so much courage, and are dealing with so much. Also got me to thinking (even more than I usually do) about what things will be like in the future.  I am tentatively planning a trip to the Southwest this summer to see family.  If I do indeed go, I will be going by myself, as there will be much driving and different destinations involved.  I will be going with hubby's blessings, but I am also concerned about leaving him for that long.  At the same time, I really feel I need to go now, before things get any worse for him, and I can't go at all.  I will most likely be asking his family and our friends to "check in" on him when they can while I am gone, but am really hoping that will be enough!  Feeling like it is now or never if I want to make this trip, but still worried.   And I really do wonder: what does happen when I'm at work, etc.?  How much happens with blood sugar lows, etc. that I never know about, and he doesn't remember? 


  1. I understand your concerns. I am never a happy camper when leaving my hubby for any extended period of time. I traveled to Texas for a long weekend to see family and he stayed home. I called him and texted him multiple times a day and he did extra BG tests than normal to be sure his sugar wasn't going low. This was the days before the sensor. Also the night before our wedding I decided to be traditional and stay apart for the night. I left him around 10 or 11 PM and called him around 7AM and he was okay, he was actually running high on our big day, stress induced I assume. it's so hard not to worry. I think the sensor would help you guys like it has helped us. I went from calling him 3-6 times a day while at work to 2-3 times a day now. I don't think the worry ever truly stops though :)

  2. I'm thinking that maybe we should be asking about the sensor again. It couldn't hurt! I will probably be gone for about 3 weeks if I actually go this time. Will definitely be checking in with him more than I did when I went 2 years ago. Part of me feels a little selfish, but I also know I NEED those respite times, and also need to reconnect with family in a big way.

  3. I agree. You will probably feel refreshed. Just do what you need to do to be sure he is safe while your gone and try to enjoy :)