Monday, September 5, 2011

Back home again

My trip was amazing.  So wonderful to reconnect with family, and I even went hiking in the Rockies!  Wonderful.  It is now time to return to the "real" world, which is not so easy.  Surprisingly, hubby did manage to have the house somewhat together when I got home.  Didn't know whether to be happy about it (of course I was), or a little angry that he doesn't make more of an effort when I am here.  Oh well . . .

Here is (sort of) a picture of me in the mountains.  Thank God for moments like this:


  1. what a beautiful view!
    glad you had a good vacation, Lilly.
    certainly we understand the dual feelings of happy he did well, but unhappy that he doesn't do it all the time -- clearly he is capable!

  2. Where was the photo taken? Looks like a place I need to go find! Welcome back!

  3. Loveland Pass in Colorado. VERY worth the trouble to go find! :-)

  4. WOW..great photo...hope you returned refreshed!
    That is my kind of place..only one better would be New England in the dream vacation!
    All I seem to get here is smokey air...these TX fires are something else...Really you walk outside (temp is good in the early am) and the air is thick! Glad you returned to everything being ok...keep to hear from all...TX DW

  5. I LOVE the Colorado Rockies! What a lovely place - and I'm so glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture.

  6. You all are welcome! Yes, the Rockies are truly beautiful. Wish I lived a lot closer, as I would spend a LOT more time there.

    Texas DW, so sorry about the wildfires. Hope they are all put out very soon. I have heard some complaints from others about smokey air. Doesn't sound like fun. Take care.

  7. Hi Lilly,

    Love the photo and your pony tail.

    Although, it was strange to see your hair not a similar color to the distant mountains. ;)

    I'm so happy to see you out having fun!


  8. S,

    Thank you! Great to hear from you.