Sunday, March 25, 2012

Common sense?

Jonah commented on my last post.  He has a brother with brain damage/manic depression (bipolar disorder), and made this observation about his brother:

"If he has a ridiculous idea (for example, if he tells me that I used to be purple or that he has heard dogs speaking to him) it's best to just say "wow, I had no idea" and leave it at that."

Thank you Jonah, if it is only for reminding me that I just may not be able to reason with my hubby, period.  I have wondered more than once if my husband might be bipolar, as there is some history of it in the family.  I am always one who wants things to make sense, and they so often don't with my husband.  So, if he won't/can't change (except for the worse), I guess that means I will have to?  Sometimes, it really is better to just let it go.  I try hard to remember that . . . thank God for friends who are sane!

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