Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spinal Stenosis and Walkers?

Almost every day when I get home, my husband greets me with another story about how he fell "again," and shows me the bruises.  He now has 3 walkers, and refuses to use any of them.  When I ask him why he doesn't use a walker to prevent the falls, I always get a response that goes something like this: "I can't use the walker for this problem.  It doesn't help, or keep me from falling."  I am really having a hard time swallowing this, as 2 of the walkers have seats on them that allow him to sit down if he gets into trouble.  I'm also (forgive me) getting tired of hearing the same old story, as I feel he could do something to prevent the falls.  I'm really beginning to wonder (not for the first time) if he just enjoys the attention he thinks his "falling stories" will get him.  He doesn't normally fall when we go out.

Anyone out there: if you know anything about spinal stenosis and whether or not walkers can help, I would be very interested in hearing your views.  This is driving me crazy.


  1. Lilly,
    I don't know about spinal stenosis
    but I know about our husbands
    consciously or not
    they are always finding ways to get attention
    this sounds to be like this is one of his current ones

    sorry if this sounds cynical
    or not on target for you
    but after three days of nonsense from my dh
    I'm feeling sort of irritated with
    diabetic husbands who don't take care of themselves.....

    sorry for your ongoing trials.....

  2. Tom's Wife,

    Thank you, and yes it sounds "on target." Yes, I know he has problems with his legs, but WHY, OH WHY would he not try to prevent his own falls? I'm more than "sort of" irritated at this point. Yesterday he slept all day long, got up at 8:00 P. M., ate "breakfast," and was back in bed somewhere between 2 and 3 A. M., after drinking coffee as well. It is now 1:30 P. M., and he is still in bed. At least it's quiet around here!

    So sorry about the nonsense you are dealing with . . . guess we have both had it!

    Take care and hang onto your sanity,


  3. My hubby had spinal stenosis surgery in February. I would advise against it. Yes, it did relieve "that" pain, but because the spine is fused, his upper back and hips now hurt. So while it fixed one problem, it created two more and I just don't see the balance. He never used a walker, still won't - he just sits in his chair all day long.

  4. Diabetes Wife,
    Thanks for sharing about the "new" pain your husband now has. I followed your posts throughout his surgery, and was horrified.

    Mine has talked to countless doctors about doing back surgery for the spinal stenosis. No one wants to touch him because of all his myriad health issues. That's okay for awhile, and then he decides to ask about it again . . . sometimes going to the very same doctors who already told him "no" the first time!