Sunday, December 19, 2010

First post, or sleeping all day, up all night

I have been reading 3 blogs of wives of diabetics for awhile, especially Wife of a Diabetic.  Diabetes Wife, you changed my life, as I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who was struggling with this crazy life.  It is my hope that this blog may help others, and that I will also get input from others going through similar circumstances.

When left to his own devices, my husband has literally been staying up all night, and sleeping all day.  What's with that?  He says he is in so much pain from his spinal stenosis, that he can't get to sleep when he would like.  Most days if I am home, I let him sleep, as at least then I don't have to deal with the sugar highs and lows, both of which make him very nasty/verbally cruel towards me.  Am I horrible, to actually enjoy the days he stays in bed?

I never know when the outbursts are going to happen.  As Crazy Wife mentions, how are you supposed to know when it is okay to talk to your husband???  I was informed by him the other day that when I "know" he is high, I should know better than to question anything he does!  Things will be going along okay, when suddenly, bam!  He is out there and screaming at me for something that makes no sense.  I am starting to feel like a kicked dog.  Don't enjoy going on trips with him anymore, as his mobility is an issue when we are out of the car, and his screaming at me when I am trying to drive is even worse . . .


  1. Lilly: Thank for you for your blog, and having the courage to share such personal aspects of your life with diabetes (as a wonderful Type 3 spouse!). On one hand, it's very informative and I appreciate hearing your views... However, it does scare the crap out of me. I've been reading many of the D-Wife blogs and have traditionally found them to be focused on pre-D or T2 and much different than what I've been living with as a Type 1 of 27 years married for about five years. Yours is the first I've found, and it seems like a look into what could be down our road. That's what scares me, knowing what could be possible. I don't see the same "yelling match" type issues that so many describe, but it has happened and we acknowledge it can be an issue. I always feel horrible (and do remember) and wish it wasn't the case... Anyhow, thank you for doing what you do. I'll look forward to reading more!

  2. Michael,

    Thank you. I'm going to bring your comment "forward" on a new post so that it is easier to find. You are my first Type 1 and (also first male) to leave a comment. Sorry that I've scared the crap out of you! I guess it's scary from both sides . . .