Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Christmas crash

Hubby slept from about 4 A. M. this morning until 7:30 P. M., when he finally got up.  He is now parked in front of the TV, where he will probably stay all night.  When given the choice, it is almost as if he prefers to have his daylight and night hours mixed up.  As for me, I had a nice quiet day for the most part!  I am now in my basement "woman cave," which has become more and more of a necessity for me, as I can get away from it all. 

He managed to more or less hold it together through the weekend, although his sugar was well over 300 on Christmas day, which meant he talked very loudly non-stop most of the day.  No one else could get a word in edge-wise.  I was exhausted just dealing with the non-stop loud babbling.  Didn't want it to escalate into a fight, so after quietly asking him to stop talking so much and getting absolutely nowhere, I gave up.  So many holidays are like this, with the different foods, etc.  He almost always underestimates the insulin he needs for all the goodies he thinks he has to consume.

It has been interesting with his "falling" because of the spinal stenosis: when people were visiting, he managed not to fall the whole time.  Makes me wonder if his dramatic falls are partially his bid to get more attention from me.  I hate to think this, but do have to wonder.   

I did briefly wake him up in the early afternoon, as he had taken NO meds yet.  This angers me greatly, as we have had many heated discussions about him being more responsible with his medications.  After all, I did give him his transplanted kidney, and really don't want to see him lose it to rejection!  He seems to think it's my job (at least when I'm home) to make sure he takes them!  God knows when he takes his meds when I am not home.  He screamed out in pain (his back) when he moved just a little in bed.  Again, have to wonder if he's being over-dramatic to make a point, as he doesn't do that either when people are over, or we are out.   

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