Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sitting here in my little home away from home, listening to the frogs, the peepers, and the birds singing their evening song.  So peaceful and healing.  Did I ever write that my husband actually gets angry at the birds when they wake him up in the morning?  One of the reasons he will no longer open the windows, I guess.  I can't imagine.  To me, going to bed and waking up hearing the birds, etc. is a luxury. 

I have missed my cats, my house, my basement woman cave, my flowers which are now blooming in our yard, and our beautiful deck which was another getaway for me.  I have not missed hubby and all the drama.  Does that make me an absolutely horrible person?


  1. Doesn't make you a horrible person at all, Lilly. It is what it is. I hope things improve, but I hope the peace you are experiencing there doesn't change. Anyhow, one thing I wanted to mention: have you been reading at all any of the Diabetes Blog Week prompts and posts? I'd be very interested in seeing your perspective, as one of those valuable voices in the Type 3 world. Whatever you decide, thanks for sharing here. And best your way.

  2. Oh Lilly - my heart is with you
    Life throws us such curves and we react the only way we can
    my life is going one way and yours another
    all we can ever do is our best.....

    take good care of yourself
    and enjoy the birds
    (I love them too!)