Saturday, February 18, 2012

On driving . . .

Going through my posts, I realize I never really said how hubby's truck accident turned out.  The truck was totaled, with 2 broken axles and a bent frame, plus other damage.  Very scary.  It is probably a miracle he survived.  He now has another truck.  However, he did not drive AT ALL until he test-drove the new-used truck.  I think he scared himself, and I know he scared me!  He is still driving, but not for very long distances.  Also, we just found out he needs cataract surgery, which may have also contributed to the accident, making it harder to see the deer.  In the meantime, if we go anywhere together, I do the driving . . . 

1 comment:

  1. Youch! That is VERY scary
    I have been thinking about how many drivers are impaired these days
    i heard about a school bus driver who had an epileptic seizure while driving a bus full of kids recently
    and it seems like there is no end to conversations about people texting while driving
    I don't know the answer
    driving is such an integral part of our lives

    to give up driving is like giving up all independence
    taking away a person's right to drive (mine or Tom's or anyone's) would be awful
    and yet to cause accidents that hurt people? wouldn't that be worse?

    This disease is just a terrible life sentence...
    thanks for the update