Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas "Adventure"

We got through the Christmas holidays . . . some of it good, some of it crazy.  Kind of "normal," I guess!  Hubby still overdosed on Christmas cookies, but I was with friends for much of it, which was not a bad thing.  Christmas day, we were all together with family, and it was a good day.  We had taken separate vehicles to my brother's, as there was not room for everyone plus gifts in one vehicle.  Hubby left for home first, with me following a little later.  Halfway home, I got the phone call . . .

Hubby had gotten in an accident with his truck, trying to avoid deer that ran across the road.  He ended up in a very deep ditch, and couldn't open the doors to get out.  He swears that he was airborne for a moment, when he hit a driveway, and then narrowly missed a telephone pole before landing in the ditch.  Oh, and the underside of the truck also caught fire, which he wasn't even aware of, as he called for help.  Fortunately, some "good Samaritan" neighbors came along, recognized what was going on, and helped him climb out the window.

By the time I got there, there were flashing lights everywhere: ambulance, fire and police.  Very scary.  We spent the evening in the emergency room, but he was sent home with only bruises.  It could have been so much worse . . . thankfully, it was not.  The truck is a mess, but hopefully fixable. 

He is now very sore, and not wanting to drive.  I think he scared himself.  Low blood sugar was not an issue this time, but he said his foot slipped off the brake, and hit the accelerator instead . . . maybe because of his spinal stenosis?  Was he aware that he was hitting the accelerator?  I think he's wondering if he should be driving anymore.  Good question . . . should he be?  And what happens if he can't?

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  1. Well, if he can't, then you start doing all the driving. I do all our driving now. It's wearing me out, but the alternative scares me. Glad he wasn't hurt and yes, it could have been so much worse.