Monday, October 10, 2011

My fault . . . really?

Started the long weekend that I had so looked forward to with screams from hubby that the dog had peed all over his bedroom rug, and that it was "my fault" because I had not let her out.  The normal scheme of things (for years) is that on the weekends, I sleep in for an hour or two (which is the only time I get to do this!), and he lets out the dog, since she does sleep in his room, not mine.  When I did get up and opened the door to let her out and feed her, he yells at her to "stay right there!" and then starts yelling at me that she has peed on the rug, it's my fault, and that I need to clean it up. 

I told him to stop it because he was sounding crazy again, and that I was not cleaning up something that was not my fault.  And who in hell tells a dog to "stay" when she probably needs to go out anyway???  He then told me that I never know when to shut up!  Are you kidding me?  Honestly, I felt like packing my bags and leaving again.  A little hard, as my nephew had stayed overnight, and probably heard the whole exchange between us.  Hubby did finally clean it up much later in the afternoon when he finally decided to get out of bed. 

When I tried to discuss this with him later, his excuse for not getting up and letting her out is that he "can't walk well early in the morning!"  I am so sick of the excuses, as he has one for everything.  He then informed me that the conversation was "over."  Really?  Not for me, not by a long shot, as the dog urinated on his rug again the next morning.  His latest complaint?  His room smells like dog pee!  Gee, I wonder why?   I feel sorry for our dog, as she had to be pretty desperate to do this.  This is not her normal thing.

At least 2 positive things did happen over the weekend, though: my nephew helped me clean out all the "killer weeds" in my flower and vegetable beds, and we (nephew and I) went kayaking for several hours.  The yard looks so much nicer now, and being out on the water was wonderful.  Amazing weather, so was able to enjoy being outside.  I have every intention of enjoying it while I can.


  1. Isn't this the perfect description of our lives? the great peaceful moments punctured by the nasty? Enjoy the good ones while you can. Nice nephew...

  2. Your day sounds so much like the day I had today. It is beyond amazing!